Dr Roberta Bernardi

Personal profile

I am a Lecturer in Information Systems at the School of Management of Royal Holloway, University of London (UK). I hold a PhD from the University of Warwick where I conducted a research on the change and development implications of health information systems (HIS) in the context of global health and development programmes in Kenya. The expected impact of my present research is to guide academics, policy makers and practitioners in the formulation of HIS integration policies and strategies and the development of patient-centred HIS in developing countries. My present research focuses on the role of Information Technology in improving health care and, more specifically, the organisational issues related to the implementation and adoption of telehealth. I hold an appointment as dissertation supervisor on the Distance Learning MBA Programmes of Robert Kennedy College (Zurich, Switzerland). From 2005 to 2006 I worked in Kenya on a Parliamentary Information System project sponsored by the United Nations.

Research interests

Healthcare innovation & Health Information Systems

Information technology and public sector reforms

Information technology and institutional/organisational change

IT affordances and identities

ICT for development


Undergraduate courses (2016/2017)

MN2505: Operations Management (2nd year UG)

MN3525: Digital Innovation Management (3rd year UG)


ID: 1634055