Dr Rikke Bjerg Jensen

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My work positions itself in the intersection of Security, Emerging Media and Geography, thus, blurring boundaries between a number of discreet areas of study. More specifically, my work focuses on everyday security practices, digital as well as analogue. I have undertaken extensive fieldwork within organisations such as the UK military (in the UK, the Falkland Islands and the UK Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus), NATO and commercial organisations in order to investigate how approaches to and policies on security practices are formulated, implemented and maintained. Since arriving at Royal Holloway in 2013, I have also secured funding for and been involved in a number of research projects that all cut across my areas of interest and specialisation.

I am Chair of the Crisis, Security and Conflict Communication Working Group of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), and on the editorial board for Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPPC). I lead an optional course on ‘Military and the Media’ as part of the MSc in Geopolitics and Security. I currently supervise two PhD students focusing on different aspects of civil rights and freedoms in a digital age.

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