Ms Rebecca Quereshi

Supervised by

  • Neil Conway First/primary/lead supervisor


  • Gillian Symon Joint first/primary/lead supervisor


  • Neil Conway Joint first/primary/lead supervisor


Personal profile

Rebecca is a part-time postgraduate research student undertaking a thesis concerned with the implicit aspects of the psychological contract. Her background and interests lie broadly within the area of organizational psychology. As an international civil servant with the United Nations through their Young Professionals Programme, she is presently stationed in Bangkok, Thailand.


"Implicit and explicit promises within the psychological contract, and their origins and outcomes: A typology" (working title)

Summary: The psychological contract is widely regarded as a potentially useful way to understand the employment relationship, but has yet to fulfil its initial promise due to important theoretical gaps and inconsistencies. While the concept was originally intended to explore the psychological, implicit dimension to the employment relationship alongside the legal employment contract, research has mostly focused on explicit promises to the exclusion of implicit promises. Exploring what types of implicit promises exist and are part of the psychological contract is therefore crucial for further theoretical development. The present study proposes a typology of implicit and explicit promises made within the psychological contract based on the mechanism by which each type of promise arises, with due consideration of the promise origins and outcomes. This research adds to the theoretical foundation of the psychological contract and contributes to the concept’s usefulness for understanding the employment relationship. 

Educational background

MSc (Merit), Occupational Psychology
Birkbeck College, University of London (2011) 

BSc, Psychology
University of Basel (2006) 

ID: 11832758