Dr Rebecca Fisher

Rebecca Fisher

Dr Rebecca Fisher

Lecturer-Atmospheric Environmental Sci

Phone: +44 1784 443628

Personal profile

My research is on the changing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and particularly identifying sources of methane emissions using tools such as stable isotopic analysis and methane:ethane ratios. Measurements are made in air samples from background surface sites from the Arctic to the Antarctic and in field campaigns to better understand emissions from particular sources, often using mobile laser spectrometers installed in a car (MIGGAS), ship or aircraft (with FAAM or BAS).

Please contact me if you are interested in PhD opportunities related to atmospheric greenhouse gas research.

Research interests

Global and regional greenhouse gas concentration trends

Methane emission inventory verification

Arctic and tropical methane sources

Urban emissions and air quality

Atmospheric hydrogen

Stable isotopic analysis of methane – δ13C and δD

Mobile greenhouse gas measurements (including car, ship and aircraft platforms)

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