Miss Rachel Slavny

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Research interests

My research interests include cognitive and behavioural aspects of mental health difficulties in both adults and children. I have a strong interest in research with clear clinical implications for treatment and epidemiology, especially in the context of development across the life span.

My PhD project explores several reasoning biases that are associated with psychopathology in adolescents using a transdiagnostic and developmental approach. Hitherto, I have collected a large sample of N= 577 from several schools and my findings have implications for targeting reasoning biases in adolescents during CBT treatment and understanding how these biases function in typically developing adolescents.

Personal profile

Before embarking on my PhD I completed a post as Assistant Psychologist, during which I attended training for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with children and adolescents at the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre. It was during this training that I noticed there was a gap in the research regarding the development of cognitive processes associated with mental health difficulties in young people and I consequently decided to apply for a PhD position to investigate this myself. During my PhD I have developed a passion for devising and conducting research and intend to pursue a career in clinical research.

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