Dr Rachel Clements

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Research interests

My research focuses on contemporary British theatre and performance. My PhD thesis, 'Hauntology and Contemporary British Theatre (1995-2010),' explored the presence of ghosts in contemporary British theatre, using a Derridean framework to develop an understanding of the politics and effect of the spectre. It developed detailed analyses of key works of political theatre from the past fifteen years, using Derrida’s thinking about hauntology, justice and responsibility to reassess the effect and meaning of these works. I am particularly interested in new writing, documentary forms, and feminist practice.


This year, I am teaching on the following courses:

DT1011: Writing and Performance

EN2324: Contemporary Debates in Literary Theory

EN1112: Introducing English Poetry

EN1107: Inventing the Novel

DT2280: Contemporary British Theatre: New Writing

DT1012: Staging Histories

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