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I am intersted in CSR in general, and in CSR vis-a-vis the supply chain in particular. 

For my research, I will be examining the decision making process vis-à-vis CSR by evaluating a certain consumer item at each level of the supply change starting with the corporate decision to produce such item all the way to the floor of the retail outlet. Most literature on CSR in the supply chain (in the retail industry), consider the relationship and interactions between the supplier (as the contractor, or seller), and the Retailor ( as the buyer). The process is horizontal and not vertical. The buyer has little control, if any, over the suppliers of the seller. At best some retailors try to set guidelines for their suppliers on how to deal with their own suppliers.The proposed research would follow an item and its various components at each level of production. Example; if we are looking at the Chinese production of an IKEA table, we will be looking at the following stages:

What forest did the timber come from, where were the trees felled, where was the timber processed, where was the wood pressed and treated, Where was the wood warehoused, where is the wood cut, treated, painted and assembled into the table. What other components were used in the making of the table (screws, paint, latches, packaging material, etc…). Where did these come from, and so on. What modes of storage and transportation were used at every part of the chain, etc...

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