Professor Philip Crang

Personal profile


As a Cultural Geographer I am drawn both to the feel of particular places and to understanding the movements of things, people and ideas that help to give them those distinctive textures. My research interests focus especially on the role of commercial and material cultures in that regard. Key themes include:

•the geographies of material culture;

•transnational and diasporic geographies; 

•the cultural geographies of consumption; 

•workplace geographies; 

•and, methodologically, the role of ethnographic and creative research practice in exploring these issues.

I have been principal supervisor for forty-three PhD students, from the UK and abroad, working in these and related areas. Funding for this doctoral work has been gained from UK research councils (ESRC, AHRC), the Leverhulme Trust, overseas research councils and RHUL. 

I serve on the Editorial Boards of the journals Geography Compass and Cultural Geographies (of which I was editor 1999-2008). I have served on research funding panels for AHRC, ESRC and Ireland’s IRCHSS. I was Head of Geography at Royal Holloway from 2018-2021.




I enjoy engaging students with my research and learning from their interests and thinking. I am co-editor of Introducing Human Geographies (Third Edition, Routledge, 2014), one of the principal introductory textbooks to Human Geography at University level, and a co-author of Practising Human Geography (Sage), which guides students on undertaking their own research.


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