Mr Peter Heintzman

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Educational background

2009-2012   PhD in Molecular Palaeobiology (Royal Holloway,

                     University of London, UK)

2009             Honorary Researcher (University of Bristol, UK)

2007-2008    MSc in Palaeobiology, with Distinction (University of Bristol, UK)

2004-2007    BSc in Biology, 2.i (University of Sheffield, UK)

Research interests

My research interests are varied, but are firmly rooted in evolutionary biology and other related disciplines, especially phylogenetics and palaeobiogeography.

I am presently investigating the phylogeography of two very different groups, Quaternary Beetles from North America and Eurasian Giant Deer, using information from ancient DNA. I have previously worked on a supertree of the Perissodactyla (rhinos, equids, tapirs and their kin), as well as reconstructing Carboniferous palaeoenvironments and reviewing the end Ordovician mass extinction.

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