Dr Peter Hambrecht

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Peter is a doctoral student within the Marketing Group at Royal Holloway. His research is located at the intersection of ethical consumption and consumer empowerment, with a particular focus on how value co-creation practices are enabling consumers to enact their values in new ways. It challenges the notion that more responsible marketplace options and wiser consumer decision-making alone can lead to a sustainable economy, as people are always limited to the offerings currently available on the market. His research explores how crowdfunding and other consumer-initiated value creation activities facilitate innovation and new forms of ethical consumption.

Peter's research interests revolve around ethical consumer behaviour, user innovation, sustainability, infrastructures, CSR, and business and society more generally. He is a member of the Centre of Research Into Sustainability (CRIS).


Peter has taught on various marketing courses at the School of Management, such as MN1305 Markets and Consumption, MN3315 Brands and Branding, and MN3055 Consumer Behaviour.

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