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Pauline Heinrichs is a PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her thesis “Strategic Narratives, Agency and Ontological Security: The Strategic Negotiation of German Identity Narratives around Terrorist Crisis Events between 1976 and 2019” looks at how different actors negotiate state identity narratives around moments of uncertainty, anxiety and crises. Her thesis aims to theorise on the notion of agency in ontological security research.

Pauline is a narrative researcher for the Jean Monnet project “E-Youth” and she has recently completed a role as a narrative researcher on the Jean Monnet project “Conflict, Crisis and Critical Diplomacy (C3EU)”, assisting in the narrative analysis of perceptions of the European Union from a wide range of stakeholders from conflict areas. She was selected as an emerging scholar at the Milton Wolf Seminar on Public Diplomacy. Pauline holds an undergraduate degree from Royal Holloway and a Master’s degree from Sciences Po, Paris. Pauline is a seminar tutor for War and Security in World Politics.


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