Dr Paula Koelemeijer

Personal profile

As a seismologist I am interested in using seismic waves to understand the world around us, ranging from planetary-scale processes to social seismology. I find it fascinating that the tiny signals recorded at the Earth’s surface allow us to answer fundamental questions about its deep interior, and yet also provide detailed information about human and animal behaviour. To be able to work on such a wide range of applications, I collaborate intensively with geodynamicists and mineral physicists, as well as zoologists and computer scientists. I do not limit myself to particular techniques or methodologies, but aim to use the best tools and data to answer particular research questions.

Opportunities: Whether you are an undergraduate, looking for a MSc/PhD project (or just a short-term research experience) or a researcher looking for a postdoctoral opportunity, please get in touch with me to discuss project ideas and funding opportunities if you are interested in seismology projects and like to work on one of the research topics below.

Research interests


  • Seismological observations
  • Seismic tomography
  • Normal modes
  • Interferometry
  • Seismic noise
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Inverse methods

Deep Earth structure and dynamics

  • Seismic observations
  • Imaging thermal and compositional anomalies
  • Linking seismology with mineral physics and geodynamics

Social seismology

  • Seismic anthropology
  • Impact of COVID-19 on seismic noise
  • Seismic signals of elephant behaviours

 Please see my publications or personal website https://cube.rhul.ac.uk/~paulak/index.html for more information on these research topics.

Educational background

2019 - 2020: Researchers' Academy (National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement)

2017 - 2018: Enhancing teaching programme (University of Oxford) - resulting in a SEDA accreditation at PDF Descriptor 2

2010 - 2014: PhD in Seismology (University of Cambridge)

2008 - 2010: MSc in Geophysics (Utrecht University)

2005 - 2008: BSc in Earth Sciences (Utrecht University)

ID: 34534473