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My research in Philosophy focused on understanding the importance of language in producing human dominion over animals. More concretely, I studied the influence language has in framing humans' perception of animals in spaces such as factory farms, and the way language shapes the ethics and politics of animal law and ethology. My research also investigated the role animal language can play in relation to the participation of animals in political decision-making processes and the construction of zoodemocratic systems.

Funded by the School of Humanities, Royal Holloway University of London (defence passed in December of 2021)

Other research 

Research Assistant (RA) at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law (2021-2022, ongoing). As a RA, I provide advise on the development of an animal rights law text-book, specifically on the philosophical foundations of animal rights.

Visiting Fellow at St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge, and at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law (2020-2021). Research project: Legal Animalhood: The Constitutional Recognition of Wild Animals in Australia (see lecture here).

As a fellow at Cambridge, I studied how the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia should change in light of the argument advanced by Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka that wild animals should have a right to self-determination.

Funded by the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law


Castello, P. P. & Avila, F. J. (2022). 'Conservation After Sovereignty: Deconstructing Australian Policies Against Horses with a Plea and Proposal.' Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 37(1), 136-163. doi:10.1017/hyp.2021.72

Castelló, P. P. (2022). 'A Strategic Proposal for Legally Protecting Wild Animals'. Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy 25, no. 2 [forthcoming] (peer-reviewed).

Castello, P. P. (2022). 'The erasures of Peter Singer’s theory, and the ethical need to consider animals as irreducible others.' Philosophy Today66(1) [forthcoming] (peer-reviewed).

Castello, P. P. (2023). 'With Haraway and Beyond: Towards an Ecofeminist and Contextual Vegan Ethico-Politics' Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy [forthcoming] (peer-reviewed).

Castello, P. P. (2023). ‘Zooterrapolis’. In Chloë Taylor(ed)The Routledge Companion to Gender and Animals. London: Routledge (forthcoming)

Castello, P. P. (2020). 'How Language Influences Perception of animals and the Law that Follows.' Advocates for Animals

Castello, P. P. (2021). 'Sentient Rights V. Animal Rights: Advantages and Disadvantages.' A-Law: UK Centre for Animal Law.


Research Assistant, Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law

Member of the Centre for Continental Philosophy, Royal Holloway University of London


Former Teaching Assitant in Ancient Philosophy, BA in Philosophy, Department of Politics, International Relations & Philosophy (2019-2020)

Former MA Lecturer in the Political Philosophy MA module 'European Trajectories' (2019-2020). 

Research interests

Critical Animal Studies; Language; Continental Philosophy; Animal Ethics; Animal Law; Critical Race Theory; Conservation; Ecofeminism; Post-Colonial Theory; Critical Disability Studies

ID: 31291799