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I am an ESRC funded PhD student in the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway University of London. I am supervised by Prof. Philip Crang and Prof. David Gilbert. I have previously completed degrees in BA Geography and MA Cultural Geography (Research) in the Geography department at Royal Holloway. My research seeks to advance understanding of contemporary work cultures within the creative economy through an empirical case study of British travel bloggers. My project’s primary interest is in the working lives and workplaces of these travel bloggers but it will also aim to contribute to research literature on the wider politics and economics of creative labour and the geographies of travel writing.

The growth of work within the creative and cultural sectors is a pressing research agenda. For some, it offers hope of more fulfilling working lives; for others it involves newly exploitative labour relations. Assessing such claims will involve investigation of both the labour markets and labour processes of travel blogging. Through focusing on travel blogging as an economic and cultural phenomena, the study will offer a more nuanced account of how travel blogging may be engendering new cultural economies of work (i.e. the economisation of new forms of cultural labour and production) and novel configurations and politics of labour (i.e. new transnational forms and spaces of work). 

As a result, my research will pay particular attention to: travel blogger’s constructions of their creative careers; the aesthetic, affective, curatorial and aspirational components of their work; and their varied workspaces. It also aims investigate how travel bloggers' navigate the insecure political economy of their industry. Overall it thereby seeks to advance understanding of the wider politics of creative labour through in-depth understanding of the working lives, spaces and careers of travel bloggers.

From September 2017, I am the RGS-IGB Post-Graduate Forum's Events Organiser. I am also co-editor of the Landscape Surgery Blog and Venue Co-ordinator for Passengerfilms. I sit on the organising commitee of the 2018 RGS Mid-Term.

Twitter: @ninawillment


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