Dr Nik Wakefield

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  • David Wiles First/primary/lead supervisor


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My research explores the ways freedom and creativity operate within aesthetic experience, through doing and sharing performance research that is philosophical and practice-based in collaborative and independent modes. It involves creative and critical work that may be performed live, published on the page and exhibited in gallery settings. The current focus on time-specificity of performance develops a temporal philosophy of live art.

I am founder and curator of The Practice Gallery, a bespoke pop up gallery that displays materials of interdisciplinary practice as research and member of Generative Constraints, an interdisciplinary research collective organising conferences, making performances and writing poetry and theory.

Research areas - Contemporary Performance Practices, Continental Philosophies of Time, Ecology and Climate Change, Lifeworks, American and British Experimental Theatre, Interdisciplinary Practice, Performance Philosophy.



My teaching reflects a theoretical and practical focus through a commitment to inspiring students to read, write, make and experience with equal precision. My broad range of interests in theatre and performance have allowed me to draw on both historical and contemporary practices to guide students toward their goals. In addition to giving lectures, workshops and seminars I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation projects in feminist performance art, immersive theatre and neoliberalism, and postructuralism and painting. 

I am an Associate Fellow of the HEA.

Courses taught - Theatre and Performance Making, Theatre and Philosophy, Theatre and Time, Theatre and Ecology, Theatre Criticism.


Professional Practice

My performances explore the potential to turn concepts into experience. The recent focus on time has led to ethics and ecology, manifesting in long-term private performances.

Solo works include Three and 2: Untitled, performed in London, Helsinki, California and New York. Collaborative projects include work with Every House Has a Door (formerly Goat Island) and Director Robert Wilson.



PhD Royal Holloway 'Time-specificity of Performance', practice-based, Reid Scholarship

MA Distinction, Aberyswtyth University, International Excellence Award

BFA Cum Laude Boston University

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