Dr Nicola Phillips

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Nicola is an expert in Gender History c. 1660-1830 and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.  Her first book examined the legal, cultural, social and economic position of Women in Business, 1700-1850 (Boydell Press, 2006)Her second book, The Profligate Son; Or, a True Story of Family Conflict, Fashionable Vice and Financial Ruin in Regency England (OUP, Oxford & Basic Books, New York 2013) was listed as one of the top ten books of the year by The Washington Post, it was also praised in UK newspapers, academic journals and in the Times Higher Education.  Much of her research focuses on female legal agency and the interaction between age, gender, family relationships and the intersection of criminal and civil law.  However she has now returned to C18th masculinity and is researching a project comparing the advocacy, lives, careers and impact of celebrated lawyers Thomas Erskine and William Garrow on the Anglo-American adversarial trial and the transatlantic transmission of thier legal ideas and performances. 

Nicola also has a keen interest in women's history from all periods, particularly its public representation online and in the media, in film and at heritage sites including museums, archives and monuments.  She is a Co-Director of the Bedford Centre for the History of Women and Gender and is the Editor/creator of the Bedford Centre Blog (https://bedfordcentre.wordpress.com/) and a member of Royal Holloway's London Centre for Public History. She was a member of the National Archives Advisory Group, Chair of the Historical Association Public History Committee and has acted as a Historical Consultant for organisations including The National Trust, Royal Mail, and Addidi Wealth Ltd, as well as contributing to radio and television programmes.

In addition to an undergraduate Gender History course on 'Sex, Society and Identity in Britain, 1660-1815', Nicola also teaches 'The Georgians: Society, Culture and Crime in Britain, 1714-1830', an Independent Essay study on 'Gender and Crime in Eighteenth-Century London' and a Historiography class on Histories of Masculinity. She also supervises PhD students in Eighteenth-Century Women's and Gender History and Public History

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