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Research interests

Greek Diaspora in the sixteenth century;

The social and mercantile history of the Early Modern Mediterranean;

Inter-Adriatic migrations;

The Catholic Reformation and the Eastern Churches.


Doctoral Research

My main research interests include the history of the Post-Byzantine Greek Diaspora in Italy between the 15th and the 17th centuries, and in general the history of Balkan migrations to Western Europe between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, with a particular focus on the case of Adriatic Central Italy and the city of Ancona.

I am especially concerned with the interaction between the immigrant groups and the host societies, with the related economic, social and religious implications. In particular, one of the main points of my research has been the changes in the relationship between the Roman Curia and the communities of Greek Rite in Italy, during the period between the Council of Florence and the Council of Trent. 

Pivoting around the concepts of individual relationships and personal networks, my thesis uses previously unpublished archival material to explore and analyse this experience, placed in the wider context of the inter-Adriatic migration wave that invested central Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.



(Forthcoming) ‘From courts to cities: Greek migration, community formation and networks of mutual assistance in Sixteenth Century Italy’, in Visions of the Greek World: The Reception of Hellenism in Early Modern Europe, edited by Han Lamers and Natasha Constantinidou (2017)

(Forthcoming) ‘Barbari e di cervello gagliardo – I greci di Ancona e le politiche religiose del papato (secolo XVI)’ [Strong-headed Barbarians – The Greeks of Ancona and the religious policies of the Papacy] , Medioevo Adriatico 6 (2016)

‘The Greek Confraternity of Sant’Anna dei Greci in Ancona - Demographic Structure and Social Responsibilities (1524-1580)’, Proceedings of the conference Early Modern Ethnic and Religious Communities in Exiles, edited by Yosef Kaplan (Cambridge, 2017)

‘Comunità e integrazione nelle diaspore greche (secoli XV-XVI) – Tre casi marchigiani’ [Community and integration in the Greek Diasporas (15th-16th centuries) – Three cases from the Marche], Studi Pesaresi 4 (2016), pp. 86-98


Talks and Conferences:

‘From Florence to Trent – The Evolution of Papal policies towards the Greeks in Italy (15th-17th centuries)’
Institute of Historical Research, London

‘With a little help from my friends – Networks of mutual support in the communities of the Greek Diaspora (16th century)’
Institute of Historical Research, London

‘One Migration, Many Migrations’ – Changes in the Mediterranean World and the Emergence of a Greek Commercial Diaspora
19th Annual Mediterranean Studies Association Congress, Palermo

‘Dalla banda di Levante - Greek Diasporas in Central Italy (15th-16th centuries)’
XXVI ASEN Conference on Ethnicity and Nationalism, London.

‘Strong-Headed Barbarians – Papal Policies and Greek Minorities in Sixteenth Century Italy’
Royal Holloway Postgraduate History Seminar, London.

‘The Greek Communities in Italy between Florence and Trent – The Case of Ancona’
International Medieval Congress, Leeds.

‘The Greek Confraternity of Ancona’
Royal Holloway Postgraduate Research Forum, London.

‘The Greek Community of Ancona and the Confraternity of St. Anna in the Sixteenth Century’, Early Modern Ethnic and Religious Communities in Exile, International Conference at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

‘Paleologhi, Comneni e altri pretendenti al trono di Bisanzio nel rinascimento marchigiano’ [Paleologhi, Comneni and other pretenders to the Byzantine throne during the Renaissance in the Marche] Sognando Bisanzio – Il post-classico nella storia e nelle arti, conference organized by the Accademia dei Perseveranti, Fano.


HS1116 - Rome to Renaissance (Academic Years 2014-2016)

HS1108 - Age of Discovery (Academic Years 2016-2018)

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