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Poet, curator and researcher in English and Media at Royal Holloway.  REID PhD award 2014.

My research concerns the effect of technology on the writing and reading of contemporary poetry.  I use the term 'glitch poetics' to refer to moments of instability or error which provide critical sensory encounters with the technics, structures and cultures around language.


I am co-editor of mind-language-technology publisher Torque since 2012, and director of literature and performance agency Mercy since 2003.  I have curated various projects such The Act of Reading at FACT and Furtherfield galleries (2015), Syndrome residencies on interaction and affect in performance (2014-15), and Electronic Voice Phenomena, a touring show and weekend symposium at Liverpool Biennial (2009-13). My solo work includes commissions for Cape Farewell, Abandon Normal Devices, and Liverpool Biennial/Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art. He writes for new media blog Furtherfield and Art Monthly.  

Recent talks include "Codecs and Contemporary Poetry" (Transmediale 2016) and "Glitch: The Contemporary Aesthetics" (Onassis Centre, Athens 2016)

My performance and writing practice makes use of glitches in language - exposing the political, aesthetic and semantic structures which underpin it, and the nature of the unsayable which is encoded in saying.



My argument is that the term glitch as used to designate particular forms of error, breakage and failure of systems, provides an interesting framework to observe various critical and aesthetic effects in literature.  Glitch is used by various schools of new media art, including Glitch Art and Glitch Feminism, to denote a failure or error which exposes some kind of hidden aspect or structure underlying media - for Glitch Art this is often an opening up of the inherent politics of media, for Glitch Feminism the glitch produces a clearing in which our 'real lives' and online selves can be seen in their intertwined nature.  Similarly what I am describing as Glitch Poetics, writers deploy errors and failure in language structures in ways which reveal the restrictions of the medium.

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