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2015 – 2018: PhD, Music and spirituality in suburban faith communities, Royal Holloway, University of London

2012 – 2014: MA, Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths University of London

2007 – 2010: BA, Music and Media Management, London Metropolitan University


Research Interests and Background:

My name is Natalie Hyacinth and in January 2015 I begun a PhD within the Geography and Music departments at RHUL supervised by Prof. David Gilbert and Dr. Henry Stobart. My PhD is part of and attached to a larger joint research project with UCL entitled Making Suburban Faith which is part of a larger AHRC funded Connected Communities research programme.

The preliminary title of my PhD is “Music and popular creativity in suburban faith communities”. My focus will be on music, sound and silence and how these work through and within the manifestation of spirituality of faith groups in the particular London suburb of Ealing. Thus my research will ‘embody’ dimensions of space (suburbia), creativity (music) and faith (performance & performativity of identity). I with the project team made a group visit to 5 faith spaces in Ealing where I recorded some sounds. As my interest and passion is music, I thought it would be great to incorporate some of these sounds into my music making. So I have set up a SoundCloud page called SacredSonix:

…where I will embark upon a type of audio ethnography or a digital sound archive of the project in the spirit of the recent rise of a Digital Humanities.

My own academic background is broadly within the field of Cultural Studies and Media. I completed an MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths in 2014 and completed a BA in Music and Media Management at London Metropolitan Universtiy in 2010. I hold such a wide variety of philosophical/political interests that anything which attempts to uncover and deeply explore our world usually seizes some form of fascination for me.



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