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I'm a doctoral student funded by TECHNE, the AHRC doctoral training partnership. I research the work of the Pre-Raphaelite artist-poet Elizabeth Siddal, exploring her corpus's complicated relationship with her literary and artistic predecessors, and with the contemporaries who shared her post-Romantic vantage point. I'm particularly interested in Siddal works which retell the stories of the past (whether that be drawing a Romantic poem, disruptively engaging with medieval art, or reshaping an ancient ballad), and partake in shared creative practice, using strategies developed alongside the Pre-Raphaelites to interrogate Romantic ideals and their Victorian afterings. I'm also especially attuned to how queer theory can illuminate the chaotic methodologies and destabilising rewritings in Siddal's work. My thesis aims to be a radical interdisciplinary intervention into Pre-Raphaelite studies, one which brings that field into dialogue with broader questions of inheritance (artistic and poetic), creative inspiration and practice, modernity, self-representation, multi-subjectivity, and the relationship of the arts with the truth and the past.  

Intrigued? Listen to me discussing my research on the TECHNE podcast: 


I'm currently Assistant Director of the Royal Holloway Centre for Victorian Studies, alongside Dr Sophie Gilmartin. For more information about CVS, upcoming events and general goings-on, follow us on Twitter (@RHUL_cvs) and Facebook (@RHULCVS). 

I teach on EN1011: Critical Foundations: Thinking as a Critic and EN1112: Introducing English Poetry.

My other research interests (somewhat eclectically) include the Pre-Raphaelite movement more generally, Gilbert and Sullivan light operas and their cultural contexts, and the history of Royal Holloway College. 

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