Mr Naresh Loudya

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Research interests

Chloroplast biogenesis and its regulation

Presently I am trying to understand the mechanism of chloroplast biogenesis and its regulation. One primary focus is exploring the chloroplast-defective Arabidopsis cue8 mutant. This plant allows us to explore a compensatory mechanism resulting from inter-organellar communication: the cell’s nucleus attempts to overcome the chloroplast defect. I have isolated some very interesting genetic suppressors of the cue8 mutation, including a dominant suppressor.

Another interesting investigation is to search for candidate regulators of chloroplast development along the developing cereal leaf. A growing wheat leaf (with its white base and its green tip) is a model system to observe and quantify the extent of plastid development in the cells, its individual processes and gene expression. We aim to fish out the regulators of chloroplast development by using the quantitative chloroplast development data correlating with the high-throughput gene expression data obtained simultaneously. 

ID: 34273632