Dr Nada Zecevic

Research interests

The wider scope of my research is the history of the Balkan peninsula in the Middle Ages and its connections with other parts of the medieval world. In this, I specifically focus on the region’s societies, their movements, communication and exchange, as well as our modern uses and abuses of the region’s past. Most recently, my publications deal with late-medieval migrations and their various perceptions, family structures and social networks, intellectual and diplomatic exchange, and societal marginalia.

Currently, my research interests cover three separate areas. The first one, expressed through my project A Comparative Diachronic Analysis of Post-Byzantine Networks in the Early-modern Europe (15th-18th c.), financed by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action, aims at reflecting upon the wider place of emigration and immigration in the common European heritage by analysing the networks established by post-Byzantine emigres in early modern Europe’s West. To follow the change of these networks over time and in varying historical conditions, I use an interdisciplinary approach that integrates historical, demographic and network analysis to investigate the connections between various groups of immigrants, and between the newcomers and the host society. In my other inquiry, I explore the most recent abuses of medieval history by the latest wave of nationalism in Central Europe (the so called „New Nationalism”) while my third interest, developed as the part of a larger COST Action IS1310 Reassembling the Republic of Letters, follows prominent Bosnian Franciscan Juraj Dragišić (Georgius Benignus Salvati) and his intellectual circle as presented by their correspondence.

ID: 28322162