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Research title: Wearable Body Optical Sensor for Real-time Monitoring of glucose level.

Research Detailts: Diabetes mellitus claims millions of lives every year. It affects the body in various ways by leading to many serious illnesses and premature mortality. Heart and kidney diseases, which are caused by diabetes, are increasing at an alarming rate.

Traditional invasive methods of examination of the glucose levels on the human body require a patient to prick his/her finger (puncturing the skin) to collect a blood sample in order to determine his/her blood glucose levels. This method poses difficulty for the patients with Diabetes due to the fact that they need to prick their finger several times a day in order to control the glucose levels, and this method causes pain.

In this research, i am developing a spectroscopy-based noninvasive glucose monitoring system to measure glucose concentration using NIR trasmission. 

The NIR spectrum operates at a wavelength ranging from 750–2500 nm. The molecular formula for glucose molecule is C6H12O6, which consists of C-H, O-H and C = O bonds. The presence of these bonds causes the absorption of NIR light in blood or other human bodily fluids.The Beer-Lambert Law provides a mathematical formulation of the method that allows the calculation of absorbance of a sample from the concentration and the thickness of the sample

Current work is focused on the development of non-invasive sensor employing the principle of near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy.



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