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MUHAMMAD NORAMIN BIN MOHAMED FARID or better known as Amin Farid (Soultari) is a choreographer, arts educator and researcher from Singapore. He is currently based in London where he is a PhD candidate in Theatre, Drama and Dance studies at the prestigious Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.

His recent choreographic credits in UK & Europe include: Bhumi(Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK); (Mis)fits (Footprints Festival, UK); Maa, What If… : The Mother in Tagore’s Poems (Commissioned by Mora Ferenc Muzeum, Hungary) and Unity in Diversity (University of Szeged, Hungary).

Some of his notable works as Artistic Director in Singapore include:Touch: Identite (Collaboration with Sonic Artist, James Lye, and Hip Hop Artist, Fasihah); Mother Earth: Diminishing (Commissioned by Temasek Arts Centre, Temasek Polytechnic); GAIA: Pudar (Supported by Malay Heritage Foundation & the Malay Heritage Centre); and Padi Kuning [Yellow Paddy] (Supported by National Arts Council Polytechnic Initiative).

Amin’s academic investigations into postcolonial theory and anthropology provides the impetus for him to produce artistic works which constantly questions and challenge the normative notions of class, ethnicity, identity and gender.

Amin believes that young arts practitioners must take ownership of their cultural traditions but must also become leaders in creating artistic works that are innovative and relevant to an evolving landscape.

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