Dr Monika Barthwal

Personal profile

Monika Barthwal-Datta holds a Master's degree in International Journalism from Cardiff University and an MSc (Econ) in Critical Security Studies from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Her thesis, 'Analysinig Security in South Asia: Non-State Actors and the Securitisation Framework', investigated the utility of the securitisation theory in capturing security dynamics in developing socio-political contexts such as South Asia, with a particular focus on the role of non-state actors. Monika was previously a Teaching Fellow at the School of Public Policy, University College London where she lectured a postgraduate course on International Peace and Security, and was later a research assistant at Surrey University. She is currently pursuing postdoctoral research at the Centre for International Security Studies, University of Sydney. Her research focuses on Food Security in Asia, and is being funded by a two-year grant from the MacArthur Foundation’s Asian Security Initiative. Hercurrent profile can be found at:


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