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In January 2016 I joined the team of researchers led by Helen Nicholson on the AHRC funded project For Love or Money?: Collaboration between amateur and professional theatre. My work on the project analyzes the efficacy of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Open Stages initiative. Since the programme launched in 2011, the RSC has engaged hundreds of amateur theatre companies in workshops, master classes and mentoring schemes across the UK. My research explores the impact of the RSC's intervention in the amateur theatre scene and, reciprocally, investigates how engagement with non-professionals has resonated within the RSC.

My primary research explores the history and significance of documentary theatre practice in twenty-first century Russia. My PhD, 'Documentary Theatre in Twenty-First Century Russia: teatr, v kotorom ne igraiut' narrates the development of documentary theatre in Russia from its inception in 1999 to its current position as the leading form of the Russian theatrical avant-garde. Additionally, the project contextualizes the remarkable growth of Russian documentary theatre within the socio-political setting of the Putin era (2000-). It suggests that the notable interest in documentary theatre in Moscow, as well as throughout the country, speaks to certain cultural anxieties about the status of documents in contemporary Russia and has initiated a process through which both artists and audiences can publicly address the country’s fraught relationship to its past.

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