Dr Mohammad Kalantari

Personal profile


Mohammad R. Kalantari is a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Deputy Director of Centre for Islamic & West Asian Studies at Department of Politics and International Relations. He completed his PhD at the same department in 2015. His research interest lies in the International Relations of the Middle East with particular focus on interaction of regional doctrines, elite ideologies, and political Islam. Recently, he has been working on the role of religious elites responding to the rise of Islamic Extremism in the Middle East. He has collaborated actively with policy makers and researchers in various inter-disciplinary projects addressing the contemporary affairs of the Middle East and the Muslim World.

Research interests

Keywords: International Relations of the Middle East; Political Islam; Islamic Extremism; Political Opportunity Structure; Shi'i Transnationalism; Shi'i Clerical Elites; Iranian Studies; Arab Middle East.

ID: 27033852