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Thesis Title: Microwave photonics signal processing by exploiting Stimulated Brillouin Scattering the intrinsic nonlinear phenomenon in Optical Fibre for future Radar and Wireless communication Systems.

Radio and Microwave frequency Signals carry intelligence information for electronic warfare such as radar detection and wireless communication systems. When information is converted into signal, it becomes meaningless to human unless the signal is processed by a system to extract useful information into human understandable form.  Hence signal processing is very important and it requires optimized systems to process the signal.

Radio frequency and microwave frequency systems are facing a significant increase in bandwidth as well as frequencies on which they operate, shifting from microwaves to millimetre-wave frequencies and even to terahertz frequencies. Processing this terahertz frequency signal with GHz range of bandwidth in pure electronic domain raised significant challenges, even not possible to process at all in real time due to electronic component’s bandwidth limitation and lower sampling rate which create bottleneck to process ultra-high frequency microwave signal in pure electronic domain. Moreover, electronic components interfere strongly with ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave.

Optical domain is a green field comes with 100 of GHz bandwidth and it is able to process extreme bandwidth microwave signals in real time on the fly. Moreover, optical signal has inherent immune to electromagnetic noise and interference. As a result, optical domain is the perfect platform to circumvent the bandwidth limitation and sampling rate bottleneck problems of processing ultra-high frequency microwave signals in pure electronic domain. 

This research aims to perform microwave signal processing such as generation of ultra-high frequency microwave signal, filtering, suppression of nonlinearities all in optical domain on the fly inside an optical fibre by exploiting inherent nonlinear phenomenon in optical fibre called Stimulated Brillouin Scattering. The signal processing in optical domain is focused mainly for microwave frequency signal used for radar and wireless communication

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