Mr Miguel Cordeiro

Supervised by

  • Brian Lock First/primary/lead supervisor

    1/10/13 → …

Personal profile

Miguel Cordeiro is a Portuguese composer currently based in Lisbon, pursuing a PhD in musical composition at Royal Holloway, University of London.

His work is mainly focused on music for audiovisual media and he is trying to develop his own musical aesthetic related to image and audiovisual contents, creating soundscapes based on the visual music concept. His music combines different musical genres such as contemporary classical, ambient, jazz and electronica. The combination of electronic music (electro-acoustic music, glitch drums, electronic loops and noise) with orchestral ensemble is one of his main interests. Developing the concept of space in music on the visual imagery context is also among his main priorities. 

Miguel`s music has been performed in some Cineconcerts and he has been collaborating with different directors in films, short movies and TV commercials.

ID: 17245353