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My thesis, 'Trade Union Representations and Legacies in the Works of Six Contemporary Poets', considers how it is that poets have come to contend with, and contribute to, narratives surrounding trade unions and industrial disputes. The thesis attempts to question the ways in which our union narratives and our legacies are constructed, and to investigate the power dynamics that underpin the presentations of our histories (and the way they are presented to us), through a specific focus on what it means to tell the stories of our labour histories.

The poets that are of particular interest to my work are: Barry MacSweeney, Tony Harrison, Sean O'Brien, Steve Ely, Helen Mort and Paul Bentley. I am also interested in the writings of Raymond Williams.


Royal Holloway

2017-2018: Visiting Lecturer - EN1107 (Re-orienting the Novel, Semesters One and Two)

2016-2017: Visiting Lecturer - EN1112 (Introduction to English Poetry, Semester Two)


Coventry University

2018- 2019: Lecturer in Academic Writing - AW106 (Writing for Arts and Humanities), AW200 (Developing Skill in Academic Writing) and AW300 (Writing Skills for Dissertation and Research) 


University of Birmingham


2018-2019: Visiting Lecturer (Creative Practice, Semester One)

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