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Research Interests

My research focuses on Interoception, which refers to the sense of change in internal states within the body. This can include a wide range of sensations, from being aware of one’s own heartbeat, to experiencing feelings of hunger or thirst. I’m particularly interested in how individual differences in interoceptive abilities influence our emotions and higher order cognitive functions, as well as the contribution of atypical interoception to the development of psychiatric conditions. I first became interested in interoception in 2016 when I began investigating the relationship between emotional intensity and interoception for my masters thesis. I also examined the relationship between interoception and susceptibility to auditory distraction by emotionally valent words. My current research is focused on eating disorders and the way in which interoception may contribute to their development and/or maintenance. Furthermore, I’m interested in the role of adolescence in the development of mental health difficulties and atypical interoception.



I am proud to be a member of Insulab (www.insulab.uk), a lab group at Royal Holloway led by my supervisor, Dr Rebecca Brewer. Our lab focuses on how people perceive and interpret bodily signals, and the impact this has on social understanding, emotional experience, and the regulation of essential daily behaviours. I am also a Postgraduate Member of the British Psychological Society 


Educational Background

I received my undergraduate degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in 2016. I also received the Neuropsychology Award for the highest overall grade in my year. Following this, I completed a Masters by Research at UCLan for a thesis exploring the role of interoceptive abilities in emotional intensity and susceptibility to distraction by sound. I have also recently obtained a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Royal Holloway as part of my SeNSS 1+3 Award, for which I received a distinction.

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