Mr Max Coleman

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Personal profile

I am an MSc Research student in the department of Earth Sciences Greenhouse Gas Research Group (GGRG) at RHUL. My MSc research is oriented around investigating methane (CH4) emissions from the UK gas industry, includign characterisation of ethane-methane ratios and carbon isotopic signatures for different gas emissions sources. I also completed my third year BSc research project with the GGRG, which focused on developing methods for determining ethane-methane ratios with a new instrument acquired by the research group and characterising a baseline for CH4 emissions near a developing shale gas site in Lancashire. 

Following my MSc by Research at RHUL, I'm going on to study a PhD at the University of Reading, in the Meteorology department, focusing on the climate resonse to short-lived air pollutants, including CH4.

Research interests

  • Global atmospheric CH4 emissions
  • Climate response to atmospheric pollutants including CH4 and aerosols
  • Climate modelling using HPC
  • Isotope geochemistry

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