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My PhD is in the western theatrical mask, specialising in Greek tragedy, commedia dell'arte, and actor training in the neutral mask. I also have eight years of teaching experience, including two at degree level. I am looking for new projects and opportunities to extend my research, both practically and theoretically. At present, the research areas I would like to pursue further include, but are not limited to:

  • Actor training (particularly through explorations of the theories of Grotowski and Jacques Lecoq).
  • How practical exploration of theory can serve not only as a means of creating theatre, but of creative self-discovery and development.
  • Applying techniques and principles used in mask-work to text, with a focus on impulse.
  • Accessing creativity and the creative process, using history, theory, philosophy, and place (including site-specific).
  • Applied theatre & devising methodology.
  • Virtual reality and the construction and/or performance of the disembodied self.

Furthermore, I am very interested in exploring new creative, collaborative projects with other artists, actors, practitioners, and/or researchers, not necessarily limited to the field of drama. I feel that research is all very well, but unless this can find a way into making new, exciting and experimental work, then its use is somewhat limited. 


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