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I have conducted my Ph.D. at the Royal Holloway University of London under the supervision of Mark Exworthy, the Professor of health policy and healthcare management and Chris Rees, the professor of employment relations. 

 My Ph.D. is a comparative qualitative case study of the autonomy exercised by middle managers in healthcare organisations in England and Iran.  My research paradigm is in line with social constructivism. I have applied institutional theory to explain my data.  Data were collected from interviews with forty-five middle managers, observational fieldwork and documentary analysis across four teaching university hospitals in England and Iran. 

I have a Masters in ‘Leadership and Management in Health’ and Bachelors in ‘Healthcare Management’. I have mainly worked in the areas of decentralisation in various forms including autonomy, international comparative research, middle managers and identity. 

I am a lecturer in HRM and OB. I have taught at various HRM modules from level 5 (managing human resources), level 6 (strategic HRM) to level 7 (leadership and management in health). I am a module leader for managing human resource module.

Prior to joining the academia, I was a general manager in hospitals in both public and private sector.  My role included the supervision of all aspects of the day to day smooth running of the hospital, such as managing the HR, finance, access, targets and quality standards as well as contributing to the strategic planning and arranging conventions. I have worked with a wide range of managers and clinicians at different levels.


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