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Marko Pajević studied Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Slavic Studies in Munich, Berlin and Paris and was awarded a PhD in Paris and Berlin. He also completed a habilitation in Rouen. He taught German studies at the Sorbonne, Paris, and Queen’s University Belfast, before taking up the post at Royal Holloway in January 2013.

Dr Pajević published three authored books, two edited volumes, and over thirty articles and chapters on poetics. He works on twentieth-century and contemporary literature and on history of ideas, with a focus on Paul Celan and the development of a  ‘poetological anthropology’. The authored books are entitled:  Zur Poetik Paul Celans. Gedicht und Mensch – Die Arbeit am Sinn (Heidelberg: C. Winter, 2000); Kafka lesen. Acht Textanalysen (Bonn: Bernstein, 2009); and Poetisches Denken und die Frage nach dem Menschen. Grundzüge einer poetologischen Anthropologie (Freiburg i.Br: Karl Alber, 2012). The edited volumes are: Poésie et musicalité. Liens, transformations, mutations (Paris: Harmattan, 2007); and German and European Poetics after the Holocaust. Crisis and Creativity (Rochester: Camden House, 2011), co-edited with Gert Hofmann, Rachel MacShamrhaín, and Michael Shields.

He is also interested in translation, translation theory, film, and memory studies. His research deals with the relation between language and the constitution of meaning. He currently developes an international research network on poetics and thinking of language and pursues research projects on the constitution of the subject in transcultural literature as well as on representations of human engineering in contemporary literature and film.

He has taught in all fields of German Studies, mainly in literature and history of ideas; at Royal Holloway his teaching focuses on literature and film.

Teaching 2013

GM1102 Introduction to German Studies (Lit/ Film)

GM2124 Representations of Childhood and Youth in Modern German Culture

GM3132 Narrative and Identity (The German Novel in the 20th century)

GM3132 Dream Factories: Recent German Film

Grammar lectures

ML1101 International Film 1: Contexts and Practices

ML1102 The Birth of European Film

ML1204 The City: A Special Theme in European Culture

ML3207 Transnational Film

ML501 Theory of Language


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