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B.Sc. Hons (London)

M.Sc (London)

Research interests

My PhD research forms a part of the NERC funded research consortium project RESET (REsponse of Humans to Abrupt Environmental Transitions). One of the central aims of RESET is to construct an improved chronological framework for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean using the novel approach of distal volcanic ash layers. These form time-parallel markers allowing a detailed tephrostratigraphic framework or ‘lattice’ to be developed. Crucially it has now been shown that distal non-visible volcanic ash layers can be preserved in marine, terrestrial (including ice cores) and archaeological records providing time-parallel or isochronous markers thus allowing direct correlation between these different records.


My research has thus far focussed on assessing the potential of distal tephrochronology in the Mediterranean from long terrestrial palaeo-records spanning the last glacial period (c.20-50 Ka BP).


Besides my PhD research I also have an interest in utilising macroscopic charcoal as a proxy for reconstructing past fire histories.

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