Dr Mark Berry

Personal profile

My research aims to investigate the nature of illicit drug markets, the crime risk management practices of drug dealers, and possible reasons for their involvement and patterns of activity. It examines how emergent technologies have radically reshaped and reformed criminal markets in ways that provide new opportunities and risks for offenders. I am also an advocate of ethnographic research in ethically challenging settings with hard to reach groups. Indeed, there are few contemporary ethnographic studies in the UK on the supply of drugs, its organisation, culture and risk management practices, and even fewer on active dealers themselves. My research is grounded within the broad area of criminology with a particular reference to organised crime. It also draws upon science and technology studies, and posthumanist perspectives.


I have served as a trustee for the International Association for the Study of Organised Crime (IASOC). I am a member of the Human Enhancement Drugs Network. I have experience working within the criminal justice system in the Youth Offending Team (YOT). I received a prestigious scholarship to undertake my PhD, which was funded by the Dawes Trust.

ID: 37250645