Miss Marie Busfield

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Research interests

I am a field-based sedimentologist with a particular interest in glaciated environments. My current research focusses on the nature of the depositional record during the older Cryogenian 'Sturtian' glaciation (c. 720 Ma). Through a combination of detailed sedimentary logging, geological mapping, palaeocurrent data analysis and micromorphological work various palaeo-glacial environments can be discerned, from subglacial through to distal proglacial, enabling predictions of the proximity of the ice margin and hence the extent of these purpotedly pan-global ice sheets. These data reveal multiple advance-retreat cycles during the preserved Sturtian record, and demonstrate mobile, at least periodically warm-based glaciers, in contrast to controversial models of a 'hard' snowball Earth. Novel glacial sequence stratigraphic schemes have been applied to these ancient deposits, with the ultimate view of improving the resolution of the sedimentary record during this enigmatic icehouse world.

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