Professor Margaret Collinson

Research interests

  • Evolution of English Palaeogene land ecosystems
  • Biomolecular Palaeobotany
  • the geochemical characterisation of cuticles and propagules
  • Use of oxygen isotopes from biogenic phosphates in palaeoclimate determination
  • Taphonomy and the fate of plants, especially charcoal, in sediments
  • Tertiary floras, vegetation and climate
  • Palaeogene palynology
  • Fern Palaeobiology
  • Plant mesofossils (especially water ferns) at the K/T boundary
  • Animal/plant interactions in the fossil record
  • Global change across the K/T, Palaeocene/Eocene and Eocene/Oligocene boundaries
  • Evolution and functional biology of ancient plants
  • Evolutionary pattern in plant assemblages
  • Biological self assembly


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses in Palaeobiology, Palaeoecology & history of life
  • Field courses - S. England

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