Dr Lucy Flower

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BSc (Hons) Geological Science, University of Plymouth

MSc Quaternary Science, Royal Holloway University of London

PhD, Royal Holloway University of London

Research interests

Quaternary Mammals, Carnivore behavior and adaptations, Palaeodiet reconstruction, Palaeoecology

My research focuses on palaeodiet, and how carnivores, such as wolves, flexibly adapted both morphologically and behaviourally to changes in climate and environment during the Pleistocene of Britain and northwest Europe. I am also interested in modern carnivore conservation and rewilding, in particular, whether a species’ response to abrupt Pleistocene climatic and environmental change can inform on its current, and possibly future, diet and behaviour.

Ongoing collaborative projects include the use of stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen, derived from bone collagen, to explore Pleistocene wolf temporal palaeodietary variation in terms of community-level predator-prey interactions and carnivore competition during the Middle to Late Pleistocene of southwest Britain.



Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching:

For 2018-19 academic year I am teaching on the following courses:


GG2043 Biogeography (with Dr Daniele Colombaroli)

GG3046 Mammals in a Changing World


MSc Quaternary Science: GG5291 Palaeoclimatology

MSc Quaternary Science: GG5232 Palaeoecology, Dating and Quantification

MSc Quaternary Science option course: GG5223 Quaternary Mammals

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