Mrs Lucia Pascual

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  • Nigel Saul First/primary/lead supervisor


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Research Interests

13th-15th Century Nobility

Identity; Lineage; Family Memory

Family Structures; Marital Alliances

Crusading and Piety



Doctoral Research

My research focuses on the 13th and 14th century nobility: their accumulation of lands and titles through royal service and marital alliances; their evolving sense of family identity, particularly the rise in importance of lineage and foundation myths; their family structures and relationships; family memory; and the importance of crusading and piety to obtain religious favour and atone for noble privilege. I am also interested in medieval noblewomen as bearers of dynastic legacy, and their role in creating and preserving family status and encouraging family memory through the education of their children, social and marital alliances, artistic patronage and piety.

My thesis is a case study of the de Bohun family from their arrival in England in 1066 to their failure in the male line in 1399.  It focuses on the family's gradual rise to power through royal service and marital alliances; the relationship among family members and the development of the family's dynastic identity; the evidence of family memory among their descendants after the family's failure in the male line; the family's crusading links; and the piety of individual family members.  The main primary sources used are the family's surviving wills, the administrative records relating to the family preserved in the Duchy of Lancaster, their seals and their surviving religious manuscripts.




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'The Bohuns and Family Memory: the Importance of Lineage'

Fifteenth Century Conference, Christ Church, Oxford, September 2013


Educational Background

U. C. Berkeley, BA Political Science 1990

Georgetown Law School, J.D. Law, 1994

Royal Holloway, MA Medieval Studies, 2010


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