Ms Lucia Camacho Acevedo

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Personal profile

I am a pianist and musicologist. My research concerns theory and analysis of music from the nineteenth century onwards. I am also interested in dance, music cognition, and the intersections between music, music theory, technology, and issues of embodiment.

My PhD investigates musical texture as a theoretical framework. Part of my thesis involves documenting the evolution of the concepts of texture and counterpoint. Incorporating insights from cognitive science, and through detailed analysis of specific pieces, I review past definitions and revise key philosophical assumptions encoded in writings about texture and counterpoint. This leads me to identify different types of textural constituents as well as types of relationships between textural constituents. Case studies include L’histoire du soldat and Agon by Stravinsky, Bartók’s Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, and Berg’s Drei Orchesterstücke Op. 6 and Lulu. This thesis goes on to showcase how texture can give expression to different notions of order and chaos. My hope is to illuminate both the internal dynamics of individual compositions, and the relationship between music and the ways in which we try to understand it.


2020-2019: MU1110 Music Theory and Analysis (Teaching and Marking Assistant)

Other work

Since June 2019 I have been the Institute of Musical Research’s administrator. I can sometimes be found working as a production assistant in an opera or dance company, and have also written reviews and programme notes for a variety of institutions and publications including the 2020 BBC Proms.

Educational background

2018-2017: MMus in Advanced Musical Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London

2015-2012: BA Music, University of Oxford

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