Miss Louisa Thomas

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Educational background

I completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, Development and Developmental Disorders at Royal Holloway University of London in 2016.

Research interests

My PhD research focuses on using a Bayesian approach to explore individual differences in reward processing and social influence effects, focusing on autism. I am using neuroeconomics games to explore social contagion effects, and my current research is behavioural. A future planned fMRI experiment will serve to examine the underlying neural basis of social contagion in these tasks with a particular focus on prediction error signalling in the anterior cingulate gyrus (ACCg). My research uses a combination of fMRI, behavioural modelling, behavioural experiments, and questionnaires. 


I am a demonstrator in weekly SPSS workshops (PS2010: Research Methods and Analysis). I am also currently volunteering as an ad-hoc editor and reviewer for online content for the THESIS (Teaching in Higher Education: Supporting and Inspiring Students) webpage, which has been set up by teaching staff in the Department of Psychology.

Personal profile

I have always been interested in conducting research into autism, and in working with individuals with autism. During my undergraduate degree, I conducted research exploring vocabulary acquisition in children with autism (Lucas, Thomas & Norbury, 2017). Following my undergraduate degree, I worked with autisitc individuals as an Applied Behavioural Analysis therapist. This role focused on the modification of challenging behaviours through reward, which fed into my current interest in exploring social influence and reward in autism.

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