Dr Lloyd White

Educational background

PhD, Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University (2008-2011)

BSc (Hons I and University Medal in Geology), The University of New South Wales (2002-2006)



Personal profile

* Research Fellow, SE Asia Research Group

* Mineral Separation Laboratory Manager


Research interests

* Regional geological studies that involve a combination of field observations, microstructure, geochronology and petrology - particularly in multiply deformed terranes

* Development of geologically consistent plate tectonic reconstructions

* 3D visualisation of geological data


Current Research

* Characterising the timing of crustal growth, deformation and metamorphism across eastern Indonesia

* Large-scale plate reconstructions of SE Asia and Gondwana break-up

* Leading the SEARG's research programme in West Papua, Indonesia


Other interests

* The Himalayan orogen and history of India-Asia collision

* Seismic interpretaion of regional fault networks (e.g. Indonesian and Australian sedimentary basins)

* U-Pb geochronology and sedimentary provenance


Previous employment

* Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Australian National Univeristy (2011-2012)

* Research Geoscientist - Geoscience Australia (2006-2008)





* GL1600: First Year Structural Geology Module 1 (2015 - )




RHUL: Field Mapping (Southern Spain) (2011 - 2015)

RHUL: First-year tutor (2012 - 2014)

ANU: Advanced Field Mapping (Broken Hill) (2008-2009)

UNSW: Field Mapping (2010) and the field component of the Structural Geology course (2006, 2009-2010)



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