Ms Lise Andreassen

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Research interests

To help mitigate against climate change, many UK planning authorities require the installation of low carbon and renewable energy technologies in new homes. Residents are unlikely to have selected these (potentially unfamiliar) forms of technology and are typically not formally supported in relation to their use (outside of the social and council housing sector). My research will investigate whether occupants of these new homes are using the technologies as intended by designers, and what factors constrain, assist or motivate them in this regard. Existing support networks developed by occupants will be investigated and a borough-wide network will be established to address the identified needs of occupants as regards the use of these technologies.

Given the central government policy of achieving 'zero-carbon' new homes by 2016, the extent to which these energy technologies are designed into new dwellings is set to increase significantly. My research will provide a critical interrogation of:

  • how such technologies are used in practice and what concerns occupants have regarding these new forms of technology;
  • whether they are likely to deliver the carbon dioxide reductions envisaged;
  • whether interventions/support may be required to enhance the modes of use of the technologies.


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