Miss Lilla Hodossy

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Research interests

I am interested in psychological processes that underlie social cognition and interaction, by finding links between lower level bodily functions and higher level social processes. My research looks at the relationship between the ability to control autonomic functioning (i.e. heart rate) and self-regulation in individual and social settings.

Research interests (continued)

The overarching approach of my PhD is the application of a minimalistic, embodied framework to social cognition and affective processing. Autonomic regulation has become the area of my interest because the function of regulation goes beyond mechanical-bodily tuning. Considerable evidence suggests that the evolution of autonomic regulation was central to development of the ability to self-regulate emotional processes and social engagement. I am interested in the shared aspect of affect during our interactions with others - more precisely when affective processes become coupled between interaction partners. This special physiological linkage has been repeatedly observed in close significant relationships – yet the underlying mechanism is still not clear. My PhD project aims to address this gap by investigating the relationship between low level bodily regulation and emotion regulation at the individual and social levels.


I am leading seminars for 1st and 2nd year Psychology students. My take on teaching is that it is important to facilitate and direct students' critical discussion on distinct topics that are relevant to their lectures in a way that they get passionate about it. I think it is important to show it to students that everything becomes much more layered and exciting if they apply ideas based on their Psychology studies to the world around them. 

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