Ms Lia Deromedi

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Research interests

My research is concerned with the representations of children in Holocaust fictions written by survivors, which allows me to examine literature of the Holocaust and childhood, the novel form, and issues of memory and identity.

Educational background

I received my BA in Literature/Writing from the University of California - San Diego with focuses on Literatures in English and Italian. I completed my MA in English from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College, with a thesis on language and identity in the fiction of Primo Levi.


At Brooklyn College, I designed the syllabus and was the sole instructor of courses in literature and composition. For English 1 ‘Composition’, I created the theme of ‘American Issues’, incorporating the university-required summer reading with my selected collection of essays. For English 2 ‘Introduction to Literature’, I developed discussions and essays around course readings on the theme ‘Dystopias’ with a selection of both classics and contemporary works. Using these designs, I challenged my students to read, write, and think critically whilst engaging in frequent class discussions and writing assignments. I also have extensive experience tutoring, volunteering in literacy programs, and teaching English abroad.


Crosslands Research Scholarship - Royal Holloway, University of London (2011-2014)

Member - The War and Displacement Research Network (2011-2014)

Head of Critical Submissions - Exegesis e-journal (2011-2014)

Fellowship, European Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization - The Holocaust Educational Foundation, USA, and the Holocaust Research Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London (June 2012)

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