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I've participated in the entertainment industry  since 1975; I've worked on a diverse range of TV ,film and radio -anything from the first ever all black situation comedy made in Britain LWT's The Fosters-to the award winning Three of a Kind(BBC TV) to the Bafta nominated The Lenny Henry show, and CHEF!

I was chairman of Crucial Films for seven years , we provided content for BBC TV (Funky Black Shorts,Crucial tales, Neverwhere) ITV,(Now What) Channel 4 (Still Here, New Soul Nation) and won a Royal television society award in the process. 

I'm a professional comedian, an actor (Alive and Kicking, White Goods, Coast to Coast, Goodbye Mr Steadman, Hope and Glory, Work Experience -won an oscar for best short film) 

I've got a B.A in English Literature from the Open University and an M.A. from Royal Holloway College; I undertook the Mastfir retreat course with Sue Clayton and found that course incredibly amenable in that it fit with my ridiculous schedule. 

Having graduated with an M.A. I thought I was done -but the whole point of the educational process for me is structure. It was suggested that I study a PHD by Practise with John Hill and Sue Clayton supervising and I accepted the challenge. I was working on a screenplay for a sports film :No Blood No Foul  -for revolution films (Andrew Eaton and David Boaretto commissioning) and it was suggested that I make my PhD about race class and gender in the sports film. I've given a couple of lectures successfully, have handed in a screenplay (probably to be re written by some Hollywood dude) and now have at least 50 000 words to write on my chosen subject, a documentary to make and also a blog about the process of writing No Blood No Foul. 

I am currently on tour with a Stand up show called POP LIFE about my love of music and have had a play accepted by the National Theatre of Great Britain - the play's called SOUND CLASH and is about a DJ competition for school children that ends tragically. 

I am also writing a film for the BFI called Nine Nights which was my M.A Graduation piece; A 90 minute one off film for the BBC based on my early years in showbusiness called 'Danny and the Human Zoo' and a play for Radio 4 called Miss You Still.

John Hill thinks I might have a bit too much on my plate..... 

Personal profile

I'm on twitter on #itislennyhenry , I've also got a blog called  and a website for the tour called

I'm with PBJ management for stand up comedy /voice overs 

and Conway Van Gelder for acting. 

Royal Holloway has opened up a huge door for me with regard to screenplay writing and other kinds of creativity that I wouldn't have imagined possible.  I've had to go part time for the next part of my education because everything seems to be taking off now - A sit com with the BBC , more screenwriting commissions -and it's all because of the initial push with the MA and my continued work on my PHD ...


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