Dr Lauren McCarthy

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Lauren joined Royal Holloway in January 2017, after moving from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Previously she held research roles at the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) at the University of Nottingham, where she received her PhD. Lauren is currently Co-Director of the Centre for Research into Sustainability (CRIS) alongside Helen Tregidga, and Deputy Director for the Masters in Sustainability and Management.

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Research interests

Lauren's research interests centre on responsible business and sustainability. Specifically, she researches gender and inequalities, often within production in global value chains. To what extent is gender inequality exacerbated, or eased, through CSR, or social enterprise? Methodologically, Lauren's research promotes participatory, often visual, methods. She is also interested in contemporary feminism, particularly online feminist activism and social change facilitated through digital spaces. 



Lauren currently coordinates Responsible Business in Context (MN3915) and Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship (MN5571), and co-coordinates Foundations in Responsible Business (MN1125). She also contributes to teaching PhD qualitative methodologies. Lauren is keen to hear from potential PhD applicants interested in topics on CSR and value chains, particularly with a focus on gender relations.


Velux Visting Fellow at Copenhagen Business School (2017-2018).


Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow, University of Birmingham April- May 2018

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