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Research Interests:

The MD_evReader  An iPad App for people with Macular Disease

A project funded by the RHUL Gateway innovation fund, in association with the Macular Society, has enabled the development of an iPad app (called the MD_evReader) for people with macular disease. The app is designed to improve reading (of eBooks and ePub documents) when combined with the 'eccentric viewing' technique and 'steady-eye strategy'. The app enables text to be presented in large font, while scrolling one line at a time, across the screen. Scrolling can be controlled, using a track-pad, allowing speed and direction of text to be changed as required.  The iPad can be connected to a large digital screen, or TV (via an HDMi cable) enabling very large text to be presented.  The use of scrolling text is designed to reduce the natural tendency to make eye movements (normally made to enable each word to be fixated) to enhance the use and user experience of reading with the eccentric viewing technique.

Following further funding from the ESRC, I am involved in evaluating the effectiveness of the app as a reading aid for those with macular disease and also a training tool for those teaching others to use the eccentric viewing technique and steady eye strategy.

The app is now free to download from iTunes here.  

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Other Research Interests:

I am currently studying towards an MSc in Mental Health Studies at King’s College London. My past and current research centres on emotion processing and autonomic nervous system activity in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am also very interested in the link between mental health problems and physical health problems.

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